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The District Has Changed

Utah's old Legislative District 35 included a large portion of South Salt Lake.  I appreciate all the support I have received from the South Salt Lakers.  I am grateful for the trust and confidence that they have placed in me.  With the newly drawn district 35 map, comes new opportunity.  I hope to earn the votes of the citizens of Murray who I am committed to representing with the same dedication that my South Salt Lake constituents have enjoyed.  I also hope to represent the south-eastern end of Taylorsville and the western-most end of Millcreek as well.

Every 10 years the United States Constitution requires us to conduct a census and count all the residents in our country.

A map comparing UT Leg. District 35 before and after redistricting

The 2020 census counted Utah's population at 3,271,616 total residents; so, each house district would represent about 43,622 Utahns and each Senate District would represent about 112,814 Utah residents.

I look forward to meeting some new constituents and renewing some friendships as I campaign to be reelected as the representative for the residents of Utah’s Legislative District 35.

A map showing UT District 35 - Most of western Murray, SE corner of Taylorsville, & west-most end of Millcreek
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